SNS helps Green Planet make planet greener

One of the great things about creating products for companies that make films is that sometimes those companies are so happy with your stuff they make a video to let you know how much they like your products!

We recently received a short video from one of our customers, Green Planet Productions – a Sundance Film Festival audience award winner – showing us how happy they are with our SANmp SAN sharing software. Based just blocks from the sunny shores of Santa Monica’s famous beach, Green Planet Productions’ studio cranks out content that shifts the direction of the global economy.

Green Planet Production’s films have been the impetus for billions of dollars of investment into new energy technologies, for the creation of future forward businesses; like algae to fuel farms in the desert, and for landmark legislation that protects, defends and upholds our environmental commons.

Thanks Green Planet!!

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Eric Newbauer: August 22, 2013 at 3:28PM in Blog