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SANmp — Fibre and iSCSI SAN sharing software

Dramatically increase your workflow with SANmp.

SANmp allows multiple users to access the files on a SAN, enabling everyone to capture, share and edit directly onto a storage system in real-time — improving collaboration and eliminating wasted time copying files.

If you’re using or considering Xsan and want an easier solution, this is it. With SANmp, you get all the benefits of safely sharing the storage on your Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN, without all the administration and other hassles — SANmp doesn’t need any metadata network/server at all, so it’s extremely reliable, much simpler and very, very fast.

EOL Notice

This product is end of life and no longer available.

For options transitioning from SANmp please contact us so that we may help you migrate to a more current workflow solution.