SANmp Features


SANmp is the interface between your users and your storage network.

SANmp gives you the tools you need to configure your storage in ways that make sense for your workgroup.

To access the SAN, users simply launch SANmp and login with their ID and password. Users select their shared resources from a list and mount them so that they’re available to the OS. Once mounted, each shared volume is recognized by the workstation as local storage.


Supports Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, and most other applications.

Ease of Use

No servers, metadata controllers, or IT staff needed. Simply install SANmp and within minutes you can safely share all of your iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage.

Superior Performance

SANmp brings out the best in your storage hardware, unlike other SAN software that can noticeably reduce performance.

Introducing v.4.3.1, Now Available

The latest version of SANmp for Mac and Windows is now released and available for download/trial.

  • Administration

  • Import/export users
  • Support for HFS+ journaling
  • Non-destructive conversion
  • Strong passwords can be enforced

  • Usability

  • Performance enhancements
  • GUI and CLI run independently
  • Support for shared login
  • HASP-less mode for SANmp Client when used with EVO shared storage server

Why do I need SANmp?

Within traditional “local storage” systems like USB and Thunderbolt, a single computer has one or more dedicated hard drives. These disks may be internal or external, but without the assistance of networking software they can’t easily be shared with other computers. In a typical file-sharing network, a server commonly provides the software that controls the sharing and security of storage resources.

In contrast to a client-server network, each computer in a SAN is connected directly to storage at the block-level, by a storage fabric. Connected workstations then recognize the arrays as local storage. Without specialized software like SANmp, each workstation would immediately try to claim and utilize the entire storage array exclusively for itself, which would lead to serious problems, much like connecting two computers directly to a single USB drive.

Without software like SANmp controlling access to the storage, it is impossible to share, protect and manage your SAN. SANmp is the specialized software that controls each workstation’s access to the storage.

SANmp Videos

Want to see SANmp in action? Watch these short videos of SANmp Admin and SANmp Client, demonstrating the setup and use of a shared SAN.


Other SAN sharing applications can be complicated to install, configure, and maintain. In addition, they may have a serious impact on your SAN’s performance, requiring you to compensate by purchasing more storage hardware than expected. SANmp is based on a model that emphasizes high performance and ease-of-use. This means SANmp doesn’t negatively affect your storage hardware’s performance capabilities, so you don’t have to purchase and maintain additional storage arrays.

Project Profiles

SANmp’s project profile feature gives you an easy way to setup your working environment – you can create a profile based on the volumes you’ll need for a particular project. For example, if your editing project requires media clips from three volumes, you can create a profile to automatically mount those three volumes in Read Only mode plus another volume in Write mode for your project file. You can create multiple mounting profiles and even save them to .XML files and share them with other SANmp users in your workgroup.

Write-Exclusive Mounting

This feature enables a user to mount a volume so they are the only user allowed to read from – or write to – the volume at any given time. The Write Exclusive mode helps to protect performance, useful for ingesting video or doing live recording sessions. When the user unmounts the volume, it is again possible for other users to read from (or write to) the volume.

Read/Write Mounting

This feature enables a user to mount a volume so they are the only user allowed to write to the volume at any given time. Other users can still concurrently read from the volume. When this user unmounts the volume, it is again possible for another user to write to the volume.

Read Only Mounting

This enables the user to mount a volume so that they can only read from the volume. Any other user can mount the volume in Write and/or Read mode. You can specify that certain users be allowed only read-access to part or all of the shared storage. A backup computer could be given read-only access to all volumes, allowing it to perform scheduled backups.

Automation – the Command Line Interface

SANmp’s Command Line Interface enables you to automate the most commonly used SANmp functions. You can write and execute scripts that call upon the CLI to do things like login, mount volumes, copy files, unmount volumes, logout, etc.

The CLI offers the ability to automate some of your work by executing commands in batch scripts from both Mac and PC.

HASP-less mode for EVO Users

The new HASP-less mode allows the included SANmp Client software to connect to an EVO shared storage server without the need for a USB key. This feature enables unlimited EVO-only connectivity to the EVO shared storage system, with no per-seat SANmp licensing costs for new workstations.

File Synchronization

With this function, you can see a file in its current state on a read only volume while another user is writing it. The administrator can define a volume’s synchronization interval or the user can do it manually.

Mount Points

This feature allows Windows users to take advantage of the operating system’s Mount Point support. Mount points enable a user to mount a volume to a directory on another volume. This is helpful for certain applications, but most importantly it helps circumvent the finite number of available drive letters in Windows. The opposite of a Mount Point is a Drive Letter Mount, where the OS assigns a letter to a mounted volume.

iSCSI Only? Use iSANmp

iSANmp is an iSCSI-only version of SANmp. iSANmp is identical to SANmp — easy to use SAN sharing software, same great features, no extra servers, no metadata networks, etc. — but it’s iSCSI-only and at half the price it’s the perfect solution for budget minded, small to medium sized businesses and do-it-yourselfers.

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