5 Ways SNS Accelerates Xsan/StorNext Workflows

You probably already know that Xsan and StorNext enable multiple users to read and write to the same storage volume over a Fibre Channel network. But here are a few new and interesting things EVO can do with Xsan/StorNext to help accelerate your workflow…


5 Ways SNS Accelerates Xsan/StorNext Workflows

When you use Xsan or StorNext with EVO, you can:

1.) Build an Xsan/StorNext environment entirely over iSCSI with 1Gb Ethernet and 10Gb Ethernet. Xsan/StorNext require networked block level access to the storage for media. iSCSI provides block level access over Ethernet so you no longer have to use Fibre Channel only.

2.) Rather than forcing Ethernet clients through a slower gateway server using AFP or SMB, you can connect iMacs, laptops, and PCs to a higher performing shared SAN file system via iSCSI. Easily and inexpensively connect directly to Xsan/StorNext environments using multiple 1GbE or 10GbE uplinks on EVO.

3.) Extend the return on your investment by bridging and repurposing your old existing Fibre Channel storage (Active/Xserve RAID/Promise) to also be available over iSCSI 1GbE and 10GbE with SNS EVO. EVO enables you to augment and upgrade an existing Xsan/StorNext installation over Fibre Channel, OR purely over Ethernet.

4.) Turn a Mac mini into an Xsan Metadata controller over Fibre Channel or iSCSI. Today’s Mac mini servers are quite powerful machines, which don’t take up a lot of space or energy. Using Thunderbolt adapters and expansion chassis they can be easily turned into replacements for aging Xserves. SNS also offers very flexible StorNext primary and secondary hardware metadata controllers at a fraction of the cost of other leading solutions.

5.) Turn your Thunderbolt, FireWire, and other direct-attached disks into Ethernet SAN storage by bridging them to iSCSI and sharing them with Xsan and StorNext.

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Specialized collaborates on FCP X projects with Xsan

“We tried getting Final Cut Pro X and CatDV working with another storage solution,” explained Aaron Vogel, Video Specialist, Specialized. “For some companies, the other system may have been acceptable, but we needed a solution that would enable our whole team to collaborate on projects with centrally stored media. The previous solution just wouldn’t allow us to use FCP X and CatDV the way we needed. Running EVO with Xsan and FCP X over Ethernet with iSCSI works precisely as I had envisioned, allowing us to grow our team and collaboratively log and edit our massive library of Specialized media.”

— Aaron Vogel, Video Specialist, Specialized Bicycle Components



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