SNS Announces New ShareBrowser Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

Studio Network Solutions Announces New ShareBrowser Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

Version 4.4 of ShareBrowser adds new export to Adobe Premiere Pro CC feature for sending custom metadata to the NLE.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, IBC Booth 7.h50 (September 8, 2016) — Studio Network Solutions has announced a new feature for their ShareBrowser media management and workflow software that improves workflows with Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC. Editors with EVO shared storage can now use ShareBrowser to export media to an Adobe Premiere Pro CC project and maintain custom metadata so they can retain their project media structure within the NLE.

The new Adobe Premiere Pro CC export feature in ShareBrowser can be used by editors to:

  • Quickly find media and export it into an Adobe Premiere project.
  • Bring custom tags and comments into the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Description and Log Notes fields.
  • Maintain their own project organization within Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Other features of ShareBrowser allow users to:

  • Organize media with custom metadata, keyword tags, and comments.
  • Search any indexed storage device.
  • Preview indexed online and offline media.
  • Securely share Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects with multiple editors.

ShareBrowser is designed for EVO shared storage users to help teams organize and share media. It gives users ability to search online and offline storage by custom tags and comments, and also includes data verification and project sharing tools. Inside of the ShareBrowser client, media can be previewed and tagged after indexing. Users can apply tags to entire folders of media and comments that describe individual shots. Users can then search for media using those tags; then select clips and export them directly into an open Adobe Premiere Pro CC project. This feature makes those tags and comments available inside of Adobe Premiere Pro so that editors can quickly reference them during editorial.

A screenshot of the Export to Premiere feature after a ShareBrowser search
A screenshot of the Export to Premiere feature after a ShareBrowser search

“We’re building upon the foundation of our existing Adobe Premiere Pro CC integrations. Our customers are already using ShareBrowser’s metadata fields to manage their media between ingest and archival. But now we’ve extended the utility of that metadata deeper into the editorial process,” said Ryan Stoutenborough, President of Studio Network Solutions. “Metadata is a powerful tool for staying organized, and it’s something that never stops being valuable. With ShareBrowser, we’ve built a way that makes managing and utilizing it a lot more intuitive and streamlined.”

A screenshot of ShareBrowser tags and comments inside Premiere.
A screenshot of ShareBrowser tags and comments inside Premiere.

Inside the Adobe Premiere Pro CC project panel, the Description and Log Notes fields show ShareBrowser metadata. Tags get mapped to descriptions, and comments become log notes. This makes it easier to find media, organize your timeline, and review comments. It also becomes much easier to tell the difference between camera files with names like “A011_C003_080213_001” and “B011_C0012_080213_001” at a glance. Editors can use this metadata in a variety of ways to improve the organization of media in their projects.

“Adobe video tools are designed with an open architecture, providing flexibility and broad scope for collaboration,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for professional video at Adobe. “Studio Network Solutions’ EVO shared storage workflows and the ShareBrowser software leverage that architecture, helping artists and creators work and collaborate more efficiently.”

Availability and Pricing

ShareBrowser is available to EVO shared storage users. Customers get unlimited ShareBrowser licenses with any EVO shared storage system. To learn more about ShareBrowser visit /sharebrowser. Visitors to IBC 2016 can see the solution at Booth 7.h50 in the RAI Convention Center.

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