SNS Qualifies its Mac OS X Ellipse Enterprise HBA for use with EMC CLARiiON Storage Arrays

Fibre Channel and iSCSI Mac Compatibility with CLARiiON Family

St. Louis, Missouri, February 4th, 2009 – Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a premier provider of post-production storage systems and products, today announced that it has qualified its Mac OS X Ellipse Enterprise Fibre Channel HBA for use with EMC’s CLARiiON family of storage arrays.

The Ellipse Enterprise Fibre Channel HBA delivers the capability for Macintosh servers and workstations to take advantage of the fault tolerant, multipath I/O and failover/failback features in the CLARiiON Family of networked storage systems from EMC.

Not only has SNS brought forward enterprise-level Fibre Channel connectivity to the Mac, it is also making significant advancements with its industry standard globalSAN iSCSI Initiator for Mac OS X. The upcoming version 4 of the globalSAN initiator will offer the unique ability to pair with the Ellipse Enterprise HBA, enabling heterogeneous iSCSI and FC multipathing for the CLARiiON and other arrays. This will provide intelligent failover between redundant networks – Ethernet and Fibre Channel – and ensure I/O efficiency, as the fastest available path will be used for data transfer.

“The Mac platform continues to steadily find its way into the enterprise, and many companies are asking how they can integrate Mac systems into the SAN. These companies need their Mac hosts to be compatible with the storage system’s high availability features,” comments Ryan Stoutenborough, Director of Product Services. “The Ellipse Enterprise HBA gives these customers the robustness and flexibility needed to reliably introduce a Mac into a SAN fabric where CLARiiON storage arrays are present.”

The EMC CLARiiON Family combines midrange, networked storage with innovative technology and robust software capabilities to manage and consolidate data. The CLARiiON Family is comprised of the AX4, CX3 Series, and the CX4 Series.

The Ellipse Enterprise HBA is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard and Tiger. It is available worldwide and can be ordered in single-, dual-, and quad-port PCIe or PCI-X configurations.

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