SNS at Capture Summit 2020

Capture Summit

August 24-25

Join us online at the Capture Content Creation Summit, a virtual experience for church filmmakers.

Media Storage and Asset Management Solutions

Presented by Stephen McKenna, Director of Sales, Studio Network Solutions

Where’s that file? Can you send me the footage? Many church production teams experience challenges with organizing their media and storage that hinder creativity, productivity, and collaboration. Join us to learn how shared storage and media asset management solutions can improve your team’s workflow.

Remote Editing Tips To Help You Work from Anywhere

Presented by Tom Bolster, Sales Manager, Studio Network Solutions

Churchgoers aren’t the only ones staying home these days. Content creation teams are adopting new remote editing workflows to work from home when they can. Join us as we explore practical tips and best practices to help church film and production teams keep creating, from anywhere.

  • Date
  • August 24
  • August 25
  • Time
  • 11:00AM CDT
  • 1:00PM CDT
  • Location
  • Online
  • Online

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