SNS at Editors Lounge: DaVinci Resolve at Key Code Media 2024

Editors Lounge: DaVinci Resolve at Key Code Media 2024

February 29

Join us at the Editors’ Lounge to explore our cloud and on-premise workflow solutions for DaVinci Resolve users. Featuring a free Resolve plugin, automatic transcoding, and built-in media asset management, EVO is the ultimate solution to take your Resolve video editing, coloring, and finishing to the next level.

What we’re showcasing

New workflow solutions for creative teams

See what’s new, including ShareBrowser v.7 for a better media asset management experience, the award-winning EVO Cloud enabling real-time cloud workflows, faster speeds for VPN Accelerator and Transcode Accelerator, and a full set of accessories for MOD—the compact server and cloud edge device powered by EVO.

The included EVO Suite

Explore the EVO Suite, an intelligent collection of software tools included with every EVO shared storage solution. The EVO Suite comes with built-in MAM, remote editing, cloud workflows, NLE integrations, transcoding, and automation tools purpose-built to improve creative workflow for media production teams. All included for unlimited users.

ShareBrowser media asset manager

Learn about the latest features in EVO’s powerful and easy-to-use ShareBrowser MAM system, complete with advanced integrations and added capabilities for a better media management experience.

Remote workflow solutions

See how EVO’s remote editing tools help media production teams transition to fully remote and hybrid on-site/off-site workflows, including our seamless cloud-integrated solutions and an all-new ShareBrowser v.7 and Nomad experience.

Enhanced workflows for Resolve and other NLEs

Check out our integrations with your favorite NLEs, like the ShareBrowser workflow integration plugin for DaVinci Resolve.

  • Date & Location
  • February 29
  • Key Code Media
  • Burbank, CA
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