SNS Unveils ShareBrowser v.7, New Proxy Workflow at IBC 2023

Bring on the bitterballen and better workflows—IBC 2023 is here!

At this year’s show, SNS is launching exciting new on-premise, cloud, and remote workflow solutions to maximize your team’s creativity and collaboration.

Here’s what you can expect to see from SNS at IBC 2023:

  • ShareBrowser v.7 brings incredible new proxy workflows and user-friendly shortcuts to ShareBrowser, the powerful and easy-to-use media asset manager included with EVO.
  • EVO Cloud delivers real-time, edit-in-place cloud workflows with no per-user pricing and no egress fees.
  • MOD Powered by EVO is getting even more mod. The compact video editing server and cloud edge device is now shipping with a full set of accessories for creatives on the go.
  • Transcode Accelerator significantly speeds up proxy generation, up to twice as fast for multi-EVO environments.
  • VPN Accelerator makes remote workflows up to 5 times faster.

Visit the SNS stand (#7.C52) to speak with a shared storage workflow specialist anytime during IBC 2023, or schedule a demo to see SNS’s award-winning solutions in action.

ShareBrowser v.7

Looking for a better media asset management (MAM) experience? ShareBrowser v.7 comes jam-packed with new features to help creatives streamline their workflow, save time, and boost creative collaboration. 

Import Proxies To Your Timeline

Let’s add some moxie to your proxy workflow.

The latest version of ShareBrowser MAM features a new proxy workflow for video editors working on-site or remotely. Editors can now import source media and attach proxies directly inside their NLE using ShareBrowser’s integrations for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. 

EVO can automatically create proxies with its built-in transcoder. When importing your media into Premiere, FCP, or Resolve via the ShareBrowser integration, simply select “Import Proxies” in settings and your EVO-generated proxy files will be automatically downloaded and linked. Now, you can seamlessly toggle between high-resolution source media and edit-ready proxy files as you edit your timeline, all thanks to ShareBrowser. 

Schedule a demo today to see this new time-saving workflow in action—your users will love it.

Improved Media Previews

Previewing your media in ShareBrowser is faster and easier than ever. ShareBrowser v.7’s new spacebar shortcut instantly opens a full-size preview of the selected image or video clip, so you can see your media in a larger preview window, faster. 

Did you know ShareBrowser has other shortcuts, too? Type a question mark (?) in ShareBrowser to see the full list of keyboard shortcuts available in the asset management system.

Customizable Metadata View

ShareBrowser makes it easy to see your file metadata, like size, frame rate, duration, video resolution, video codec, etc. These fields help creative users understand more about their media, and it’s all conveniently searchable. However, some metadata may not be as important to you. 

For a more personalized experience, each user can now customize how metadata is displayed. Move your favorite fields to the top of the list for easy reference. Hide fields you don’t use for a cleaner aesthetic. Show, hide, and organize your metadata however you want.

ACL Support

ShareBrowser v.7 can now be automatically aligned with advanced Access Control Lists (ACLs) for data stored on your EVO, adding to its robust security and permissions features. This means you can, for example, set permissions at a folder-level on your EVO, and those same permissions will be automatically carried forward into ShareBrowser.

Real-time Cloud Workflows

Shortlisted for an IABM BaM Award at IBC 2023, EVO Cloud is the complete and comprehensive cloud storage workflow solution for creative media teams. It comes with secure remote access for unlimited users, the full EVO Suite of software tools for unlimited users, and a whole new way to edit in the cloud, in real-time. 

With EVO Cloud and ShareBrowser v.7, post-production team members around the world can edit in place with an improved proxy workflow. Simply start a new project, import your proxies, and edit your timeline—all in the cloud. 

MOD Powered by EVO

MOD is the personal-sized server and cloud edge device that goes where you go—anywhere in the world. Powered by EVO, MOD is more than a compact and portable server, it’s a complete workflow solution in the palm of your hand. 

But you already knew that, didn’t you? 

Launched earlier this year at NAB Show 2023, MOD now includes a full set of accessories, adding even more function—and fashion—to the compact server and edge device.

The accessories kit features a sleek carrying case, perfect for creative users who travel often. Padded in all the right places, this stylish case keeps your MOD server and accessories safe when you’re on the go. 

A wall mount and VESA mount also come included with MOD. The included mounting gear makes it easy to secure the server to flat surfaces (like under a desk or on a shelf) or to VESA-compatible products like the back of a monitor. That way, MOD can stay off your desktop and out of sight, but your media is never out of reach.

MOD also comes with a spare power supply included at no additional cost. For added peace of mind, every MOD comes with a 2-year hardware warranty. (Extended warranties are available.)

VPN Accelerator

VPN Accelerator now offers remote workflow speeds up to five times faster! 

VPN Accelerator speeds up the entire remote workflow, not just data transfers. Searching, copying, previewing, transferring, syncing—everything over the remote connection to EVO is faster with VPN Accelerator. It even supports multi-site EVO-to-EVO acceleration. 

See how turbo your remote workflow can go. Exclusively for SNS Cloud VPN users running Nomad v.2

Transcode Accelerator

Speaking of speed, EVO’s automatic transcoding is now up to twice as fast with Transcode Accelerator

Automatic transcoding is one of EVO’s most popular features. If you need to create proxies for a large set of media—especially if you’re using Blackmagic RAW (.braw), RED RAW (.r3d), ARRIRAW (.mxf), or other large video file formats—you can speed up the entire transcoding process with EVO’s Transcode Accelerator plug-in.

Transcode Accelerator helps multiple EVOs in your environment tackle large transcoding jobs together, cutting down on overall proxy generation time. In other words, two EVO 16 Bay servers working together can finish a large transcode job in half the time!

But that’s not all. Transcode Accelerator offers improved monitoring of  your transcode queue, showing you what is being transcoded now and what files are coming up next. It’s a total transcode upgrade, and it’s a totally free plug-in for your EVO systems! 

Get a Demo at IBC 2023

Visit SNS at IBC (stand 7.C52) to see these incredible new workflow tools in action. 

You’ll see ShareBrowser v.7’s new shortcuts, larger media previews, customizable metadata pane, and all-new proxy workflow for Premiere, Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. 

During the demo, ask SNS about real-time cloud workflows, editing in place with EVO Cloud, and how to speed up on-premise and remote workflows with VPN Accelerator and Transcode Accelerator. 

Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at MOD’s brand-new accessories. In fact, all demos at IBC will be powered by MOD systems this year, so you’ll get to see first-hand how impressive this compact solution really is.

Make sure to come by the SNS booth and get a demo to receive a VIP drink ticket for happy hour at 4pm on Friday, 15 September. SNS will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with Amsterdam-themed cocktails and, while space is limited, you’re invited.