5 Ways to Improve Your Adobe Premiere Workflow with Shared Storage (Video)

Choosing the right shared storage server for Adobe Premiere Pro can make or break your post-production pipeline.

When a team first makes the switch from sneakernet, they learn that solving their storage and sharing woes can create new organizational problems. We recently did a Facebook live stream with Key Code Media to talk about the best ways to implement a shared workflow so that your team can get the most of out Adobe Premiere Pro using shared storage with integrated media asset management, AI, and automation.

In this video, we cover:

  • Creating a searchable, organized database for all of your media so you always know where ‘that one shot’ is
  • How to improve collaboration with multiple editors, motion artists, designers, and other team members
  • Improving metadata management inside of your Premiere Pro workspace using search bins
  • Using AI and automation to save time on repetitive tasks so you can spend time creating
  • The benefits of shared storage in Adobe shared project and team project workflows
  • Much more…

Watch this video to see a real-world example of exactly how you can improve your Premiere Pro workflow with shared storage.

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