Ross Video Certifies EVO for use with XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics System

We teamed up with our friends at Ross Video last year to work on something big, for a major cable network, and we’re excited that we can now tell you about (some of) it!

Our new XPression + EVO certified storage solution provides large-scale direct-attached Gigabit Ethernet connections to XPression from SNS EVO with performance that offers more streamlined workflows between creative service workgroups and playout, and can scale all the way to multi-channel enterprise environments. (Say that five times fast…)


Using EVO with XPression unlocks a streamlined workflow and offers redundant configurations, which are particularly important for broadcast. EVO handles multiple sources in the file creation/post environment for source redundancy. Multiple EVO systems can be used for storage redundancy, and multiple XPression systems can access the same file for playout redundancy. Further, EVO is available with flexible port configurations for network path redundancy.

The XPression-certified EVO storage solution provides direct-attached Gigabit Ethernet and 10GbE connections from XPression to EVO with performance that enables a more streamlined workflow between creative service workgroups and playout — scalable all the way to multi-channel enterprise environments.

5 Reasons why this is great for XPression users

  1. EVO provides an accelerated operational link between creative services and live production broadcast.
  2. EVO supports 4 playout streams per GbE-connected XPression.
  3. XPression can record baseband HD-SDI video directly to EVO.
  4. EVO supports up to 28 direct-connect XPression engines via GbE for enterprise scalability.
  5. Multiple XPression systems can access the same files concurrently for playout redundancy.

“As we continue to diversify XPression solutions, finding a high quality storage partner was an important step to meet the needs of media organizations requiring real-time graphics. SNS storage systems and tools are a natural extension to production workflows by offering the necessary flexibility and performance for fast access and high availability with media assets.” – Brian Olson, Director of Marketing Product Management for XPression, Ross Video

Ross_SNS - XPression Clips

XPression is Ross Video’s premiere line of real-time graphics systems, virtual reality rendering engines, production servers, and comprehensive workflow tools. There is almost no limit to the graphics tasks that XPression solutions can handle. With multiple hardware platforms, software applications, and workflow tools, along with connectivity to many other products, XPression fits into almost any environment imaginable. XPression delivers complete solutions that are comprised of multiple components for a range of applications including: news, elections, sports, entertainment, branding, touchscreen, social media, virtual sets, and augmented reality.

Contact us for more info on using EVO with your XPression systems.

Eric Newbauer: April 14, 2015 at 9:30am in Blog