Top 3 Sessions at Adobe MAX for Premiere Pro Editors

Adobe MAX 2020 is just around the corner, and this die-hard Adobe fan is all in. With over 350 sessions packed into 56 hours of creative captivation, the fully virtual and cost-free Adobe MAX experience is a creative’s dream.

The all-star lineup of luminary speakers includes famed directors Taika Waititi, Ava DuVernay, and Wes Anderson. Add to that a couple hundred experts from every creative background you can imagine, and you’ve got a star-studded cast of content creators that only Adobe MAX can deliver.

While there are dozens—no, hundreds—of live and on-demand sessions to look forward to at Adobe MAX, there are a few that stand out above the rest. I’ve narrowed down the top 3 sessions for Premiere Pro editors so you can start clearing your calendar now.

Well, since 2 of them are 3-part series, there are technically 7 sessions in this list. But hey, it’s free, so who’s counting? Check out these sessions for Adobe Premiere Pro video editors at Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference.

1. Editing Faster and Smarter in Premiere Pro

Part 1: Tuesday, October 20 at 1pm CDT, 30 minutes
Part 2: Wednesday, October 21 at 2pm CDT, 30 minutes
Part 3: Thursday, October 22 at 12pm CDT, 30 minutes

The first installment of this training trilogy focuses on keyboard shortcuts for timeline editing and trimming. It might not look as glamorous as some of the more high-profile presentations, but learning new shortcuts can save you a ton of time when it comes to editing videos. Shaving a couple steps off a repetitive process can pay off big in the long run.

On Wednesday, Part 2 explores the Lumetri Color Panel for quick color correction solutions in Premiere Pro, as well as matching shots and using master clips to speed up your color correction workflow. If you’re still using DaVinci Resolve for color correction on your Premiere Pro projects, you should check out this session to see the color grading features Premiere has to offer, and also check out our blog post on Premiere Pro to Resolve roundtrip workflows.

Adobe MAX rounds out the Editing Faster and Smarter in Premiere Pro training series on a high note. Attendees will learn all about the Essential Sound panel, including how to identify and fix audio problems and all about keyframing and automated audio mixing. This will be a great refresher on fixing minor audio issues inside of Premiere, and might help attendees avoid making a trip to Adobe Audition in some cases.

2. The Color Lab: Stop Guessing, Start Grading in Adobe Premiere Pro

Part 1: Tuesday, October 20 at 6pm CDT, 30 minutes
Part 2: Wednesday, October 21 at 3:30pm CDT, 30 minutes
Part 3: Thursday, October 22 at 4pm CDT, 30 minutes

Another 3-part series, The Color Lab will help Premiere Pro editors master the art of color. Starting with the foundations of color, this hands-on lab is great for those who want to learn how to color grade or improve their coloring skills in Adobe Premiere Pro. Attendees will follow along with Premiere Pro Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg as they learn about using an intuitive approach to color, working with luma and chroma, and starting with scopes.

Part 2 gets a little more in-depth, focusing on scopes redux, key layouts, customizations, and layering Lumetri filters. It’s an opportunity to continue building your coloring skills in Premiere Pro or simply refreshing your knowledge about color grading.

The Color Lab wraps up with an exciting session featuring more advanced techniques. Going beyond the basics, this session explores color matching “and beyond;” correcting skies, faces, and other complex areas; and working with LUTs in Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects. Those are my three favorite Adobe products, so I’ll definitely be tuning in. Color grading is a critical element in video creation. When taken together, this 3-part series will give you a great base to continue the adventure of color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro.

3. Premiere Pro for You

Thursday, October 22 at 12:30pm CDT, 1 hour

I saved the best for last. In this session, you will hear from the team behind the leading video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. But this isn’t just another lecture—you can ask them anything and get real answers from the product experts who built the software. It’s more than an editing tutorial or skill-building session; it’s a live mentoring experience with the brains of the operation.

I’ve also got my eye on presentations by Annie Leibovitz, Miranda July, and Stanley Tucci. And I’m sure there will be some special guest appearances that aren’t even announced yet. My point is, you should probably clear your calendar for October 20-22.

If you haven’t registered for the Adobe MAX conference yet, you can sign up online today at Remember, the entire event is completely free for creatives all around the world.

When you aren’t watching inspirational keynotes, attending creativity workshops, or enjoying musical performances, you can check out my video editing work in SNS’s tutorial on Staying Organized and Working Remotely with Premiere Pro and After Effects. Spoiler alert: it’s way easier to do both with EVO.

Can’t wait until the conference? Download our free Adobe Configuration Guide now to see how EVO shared storage can improve your Adobe Premiere Pro workflow.

Ana Lafser, MFA, is a creative marketing associate at Studio Network Solutions. Specializing in film and photography, Ana has a passion for artistic creation that shines through in each of her projects. Her favorite Creative Cloud® apps include Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects®, Photoshop®, and Lightroom® Classic.