Get the Best Price on EVO Shared Storage Servers

2020 has hit a new low… on EVO shared storage prices!

Now through December 31, 2020, content creators can save big on EVO, the high-performance shared storage server purpose-built for creative media teams—now with easy-to-use remote workflow solutions to help your team work from anywhere.

Get amazing deals on EVO shared storage servers and remote workflow solutions through the end of the year. Explore our jaw-dropping price drops on media storage solutions, and check out the real-time file sharing workflow tools included with every EVO server.

Included with Every EVO

At the core of EVO is high-performance shared storage hardware ready to take on your most demanding projects.

But, EVO is more than shared storage power. It’s brains, brawn, and beauty all in one. Every EVO solution comes with an array of included workflow tools that will transform the way you store, share, and organize your media.

Here is what comes with every EVO shared storage solution:

  • ShareBrowser media asset manager and AI connector
  • Nomad remote editing utility
  • Slingshot automations engine and API
  • Multiple user collaboration tools
  • Integrated features for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools, DaVinci Resolve, and more

Now that we’ve covered the basics, are you ready for the deals?

Save Big on EVO Servers

Small teams can save big on our 48TB EVO Prodigy Desktop. Small and quiet, this unit is perfect for compressed workflows, studios without rack space, and mobile field units that need to take their media server on-the-go with them.

If you have 2 RU rack space to spare and are a small- or medium-sized workgroup, the 64TB EVO 8 Bay is running a huge discount through the end of the year.

Our most popular product—the EVO 16 Bay—is on sale, too! You won’t find a better value for 128 terabytes of performance-optimized storage space and integrated media workflow tools than in the EVO 16 Bay server on sale now.

For even more file storage capacity, expand your existing EVO system with a 128 TB EVO 16 Bay Expansion Chassis, on sale for a special limited-time discount.

SSD Flash Shared Storage Savings

Get a great deal on SSD-powered EVO servers now through December 31, 2020! Our EVO SSD servers are built for performance and include all the workflow tools you need to collaborate on your media projects.

The rack-mounted (1 RU) EVO Prodigy 7.6TB SSD is outfitted with four 1.9TB SSDs and two 10GbE ports. It’s a compact, all-SSD workflow appliance ready to make your editing workflow easier.

For exceptional performance, upgrade to the DPX/EXR-ready EVO 8 Bay SSD. The 30.4TB EVO 8 Bay SSD is 4K and 8K DPX/EXR ready, and on sale for a price as incredible as its performance.

The all-SSD EVO 16 Bay is deeply discounted at both our 60TB and 121.6TB capacities. For high-endurance read/write, the ultimate SSD-backed storage server is on sale for a limited time only.

Not ready to go all-in on SSD? Get the best of both worlds by mixing 30TB of SSD with 96TB of HDD for the perfect blend of performance and capacity. This EVO 16 Bay Hybrid is on sale!

Massive Savings on EVO Cluster

SNS’s high availability (HA) scale-out storage solutions are on sale. Save thousands on the EVO Cluster for petabytes (yes, PB) of scale-out storage for your team. The EVO Cluster provides a massive single namespace to manage your multiple petabytes of media. And clusters can be set up in simple, grid, mirror, and compound cluster types for the optimal balance between data security, fault tolerance, failover and storage capacity.

As with all EVO solutions, EVO Cluster includes ShareBrowser media asset manager with AI connector for auto-tagging your content and keeping your media organized. EVO Cluster also includes Slingshot—EVO’s built-in automations engine and API—to manage file replication, transfer, backup, and more.

New in 2020, all EVOs include Nomad, our remote editing utility, to help your team get the proxy and source media they need to work offline from home, or anywhere. Nomad is included free with all EVO shared storage solutions.


Our newest service—SNS Cloud VPN—is the safe, secure, and convenient way to connect your remote workers to EVO from anywhere. For a low monthly price, you can get a dedicated, cloud-hosted virtual private network (VPN) that only connects to your EVO, keeping your other servers, firewalls and IT infrastructure unaffected.

We built security in at every step for SNS Cloud VPN. From self-managed authorization to add and revoke users, to OIDC authentication (i.e., we don’t see or save your password), to the highest level of credit card payment security, SNS VPN ensures your media remains safe.

SNS Cloud VPN activates all of EVO’s workflow tools remotely. Access ShareBrowser media asset manager from home, download proxy files remotely from the airport, or schedule a DropBox backup from your in-laws’ house. Wherever you need to be, SNS Cloud VPN lets you work from anywhere.

This holiday season, give your team (and yourself) the gift of efficiency, security, and a better media storage workflow. Get the EVO shared storage system of your dreams for the lowest price of the year.

Get the deals. Valid through December 31, 2020.