DaVinci Resolve Studio Workflow with EVO Shared Storage

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DaVinci Resolve has long been trusted by media professionals for its color correction tools. In fact, Resolve has been used for some of the greatest movies and television shows of the last 20 years, including Midsommar, The Walking Dead, Empire, and The Lighthouse.

Color correction isn’t the only trick up its sleeve, though. With VFX, non-linear editing, and audio post-production tools, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio is a massively popular all-in-one video editing program used by an increasing number of production houses all over the world.

What was once the holy grail for color grading experts is now the preferred NLE for entire post-production teams. To accommodate these larger teams, Resolve now includes many collaboration features like bin and timeline locking, built-in chat, and shared timeline markers to help editing teams work together more efficiently.

Robust shared storage—like an EVO shared storage server—can build even further onto these great features to optimize multi-user collaborative editing for the most demanding workflows. With a workflow powered by EVO, DaVinci Resolve production teams can take a project from set to screen faster than they ever thought possible.

Watch this workflow tutorial on EVO shared storage for DaVinci Resolve Studio.

One Workflow for the Whole Office

For many post-production teams using DaVinci Resolve Studio, there are any number of editors, animators, audio engineers, colorists, and producers working together to complete a single project. With so many people accessing the same media, it’s easy to duplicate or overwrite a coworker’s progress, losing valuable time.

EVO shared storage servers provide a centralized workflow solution that helps production teams collaborate efficiently and effectively. To do this, users can store their DaVinci Resolve PostgreSQL database on EVO for overwrite-proof project sharing.

Two people edit on a computer
Collaborative editing features in DaVinci Resolve and EVO help editing teams work in tandem, building onto one project at the same time.

By hosting the database on EVO shared storage, the entire editing team can access their work without duplicating and exporting project files for each user. Each editor can make progress simultaneously within the same project, drastically reducing overall post-production time.

What’s more, EVO is perfect for complex workflows involving multiple NLEs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, and many more. Moving media from one software tool to another is simple and can lead to creative roundtrip workflows, like this Premiere Pro to Resolve roundtrip workflow.

While all EVO shared storage solutions are designed specifically for creative media workflow, the unique needs of the color grading and VFX community inspired us to create EVO DPX, a powerful shared storage server designed for color, compositing, and finishing workflows.

ShareBrowser media asset manager
ShareBrowser helps production teams organize their media, quickly search and filter through footage, and review completed files.

Using ShareBrowser Metadata in Resolve

When a production team has a full production schedule and multiple deadlines to meet, organization becomes priority number one. To make life easier for even the busiest teams, EVO includes its own media asset management software, ShareBrowser.

With the ShareBrowser media asset manager, users can search, tag, comment, and preview their entire media library. This not only prevents unnecessary clutter, but also helps editors find the right media without the hassle. This metadata can be imported directly into DaVinci Resolve, where team members can use it for any number of tasks during the editing process.

If your team needs their time elsewhere, ShareBrowser supports AI auto-tagging. Within minutes, AI recognition technology can scan and tag footage with dozens of qualifiers, making searches faster without taking up too much of your editors’ valuable time.

Color correction hardware
EVO spares editors from lengthy media searches and replication tasks, leaving more time for the creative work you enjoy.

Automatic Media Backup Built into EVO

ShareBrowser isn’t the only time-saver built into EVO. Slingshot, EVO’s included API and automations engine, is an easy and effective way to schedule tasks better served for your server.

Slingshot makes copying, moving, transcoding, backing up, and syncing media a simple, custom command that you can schedule at any time or set to recur regularly. Do you need a certain folder to be backed up to a long-term storage server at the end of each workday? Just open the Slingshot panel and schedule an automation exactly how you need it.

Slingshot tasks can be used to sync or backup to other servers on your network, including other EVOs, and also to cloud storage services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and Dropbox. How you use Slingshot is entirely up to you. It’s a flexible tool that frees your team from the mundane tasks that slow video production workflows.

Laptop running DaVinci Resolve
SNS Cloud VPN gives users access to their EVO media library from any location, including a home editing workstation.

DaVinci Resolve Remote Editing

Editing teams can’t always be in the same facility as their media, and they may not have enough prior warning to bring their media with them. Nomad is a remote editing utility included with every EVO shared storage server. With Nomad, users can retrieve both proxy and source media from EVO for offline editing, no matter where they are.

Even better, EVO automatically generates lightweight proxies of video files, giving those with less bandwidth an additional option for use in emergency situations. Nomad helps production teams on-the-go meet deadlines and stay productive in airports, sound stages, their home offices, and everywhere in-between.

With EVO and Nomad—and the new SNS Cloud VPN service for remote access to your EVO server—teams using DaVinci Resolve can finish their projects faster, from anywhere.

EVO DPX with DaVinci Resolve
ShareBrowser, Slingshot, and Nomad are included with EVO, including the colorist-optimized EVO DPX.

Collaborative Editing in DaVinci Resolve

With the newest release of DaVinci Resolve and its all-inclusive features, Blackmagic Design is turning more heads than ever. Before you start your next documentary series, feature film, or other creative project in Resolve, make sure the rest of your hardware and software tools live up to your high expectations.

EVO enables real-time, collaborative editing in DaVinci Resolve Studio (or whichever video editing software you choose) and helps Resolve editing teams stay organized, automate tasks, and access their media from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, each stage of the process is accessed directly from EVO, keeping your projects secure.

To get the most out of your DaVinci Resolve Studio workflow, contact us to learn more about EVO and the entire suite of workflow tools available to EVO users.