New EVO Suite Features Announced At NAB Show 2024

Want to know what’s new? See what’s coming to the EVO Suite, the award-winning software suite included with EVO.

Packed with game-changing updates and transformative features, the EVO Suite empowers creators to bring their visions to life with unparalleled ease and efficiency. From markers and subclips to new cloud storage integrations and beyond, the EVO Suite revolutionizes the way media assets are managed, shared, and accessed.

What Is The EVO Suite?

A two-time NAB Show Product of the Year Award winner, the EVO Suite is a staple for media professionals worldwide. 

The EVO Suite includes ShareBrowser media asset manager (MAM), Slingshot transcoding and automations engine, and Nomad for remote editing—all included with EVO for unlimited users. Recognized for its excellence with awards like Cloud Computing & Storage Product of the Year and Remote Production Product of the Year at the NAB Show, the EVO Suite’s intelligent, powerful, and easy-to-use software tools are perfectly crafted for media production teams seeking streamlined workflows and effortless collaboration. 

With these updates, users can expect even more power and flexibility. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s coming to the EVO Suite.

Markers And Subclips For Premiere And Resolve

ShareBrowser users can add timecode-specific markers to any media clip, making frame-accurate comments searchable across the MAM system. Moreover, users can mark in/out times to create subclips and add valuable metadata to targeted scenes within a media file. Subclipping is perfect for breaking up longer videos, enabling editors to find the precise content they need. 

Using ShareBrowser’s NLE integrations, these markers and subclips can be imported directly into Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. So, when a producer wants to call out a subclip for the highlight reel, or leave a comment at a specific timecode marker, those details appear directly in the editor’s timeline in Resolve and Premiere.

Back Up To OneDrive And

The EVO Suite is gaining new integrations across on premise and cloud storage environments, adding, Microsoft OneDrive, and SFTP to a long list of available replication targets.

With the latest updates, the EVO Suite enables users to sync, replicate, and back up media from EVO to the following destinations.

  • EVO, MOD, and EVO Cloud
  • Other NAS servers in your facility
  • FTP and SFTP sites
  • Cloud storage platforms, including
    • Microsoft OneDrive and Azure
    • Amazon S3
    • Dropbox (Individual and Teams)
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Wasabi
    • Backblaze

Replication Improvements

It’s easier than ever to create one-time and recurring sync and replication jobs in the EVO Suite. The process to set up and schedule a replication job has been simplified, with fewer clicks and intuitive nomenclature. System alerts and notifications have also been improved for a better administrative experience.

The EVO Suite’s automated replications are gaining new bandwidth throttling capabilities. While it is best practice to run large replication jobs during non-peak hours when possible, there may be times when a backup has to run while many editors are working on the server. With bandwidth throttling enabled, administrators can control how much of EVO’s processing power is dedicated to the automation, leaving the most resources available for editors working concurrently on high-throughput projects on the system.

Better, Faster, More Efficient Transcoding

With EVO, you can automatically transcode your high-resolution source media into lightweight proxy files, which can be great for all sorts of things, including remote workflows. Proxy generation is one of the most used features of the EVO Suite, and with the latest updates, this process is getting better, and faster, for creative teams.

In addition to the EVO Suite’s existing proxy formats of h.264 and Apple-certified ProRes, users can transcode media to SpeedHQ. Transcoding processes have been updated to support the newest RED and Arri cameras, among others, catering to a wide range of production needs.

Old proxy files cluttering your storage? Unneeded proxy files will be automatically removed by the system to reduce storage consumption when you disable proxy generation. This helps creative teams free up space on their proxy share with minimal manual intervention.

And if all that wasn’t enough, video production teams can access proxy files faster with enhancements to EVO’s improved transcode scheduling capabilities.

NDI Playout For NRS

Exciting news for NDI users! The latest version of SNS’s NDI plug-in offers a host of new features and functionalities, including an upgrade to the new NDI 6 and NDI playout capabilities. Available for Vizrt NRS systems, the NDI plug-in enables direct record—and now playout—of select media in your NDI environment. 

Improved filters make finding the right NDI sources to record easier than ever. Thumbnail videos display in-progress recordings, so you always know which recordings are running. 

Additionally, a convenient “Stop All” button has been introduced, and new API features offer enhanced control over your NDI environment, providing users with unprecedented flexibility and customization options.

Did we mention that you can send footage to TriCaster seamlessly, too? In addition to DDR1 and DDR2, your team can now load assets to DDR3, DDR4, GFX1, and GFX2 directly from ShareBrowser MAM, whether you use the NDI plug-in or not.

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But Wait, There’s More

Each release of EVO brings enhanced security. This year, we are announcing in-flight and at-rest AES-256 encryption options for file system data, among a number of other system hardening updates.

API improvements, enhanced system alerts, and compatibility across your media technology workflow (like support for the latest RED and Arri cameras, codec updates, and ShareBrowser preview support for RDC folders) are all coming to the EVO Suite. Plus, you can install and uninstall ShareBrowser MAM without rebooting for macOS and Windows, providing added convenience and flexibility.

Nomad is getting in on the upgrades, too! VPN Accelerator is enabled by default, proxy types are more clearly identified, and the overall user experience has been improved throughout the EVO Suite’s remote workflow solution. Learn more about the latest Nomad updates here.

As the industry evolves, SNS remains at the forefront, driving innovation and shaping the future of media storage and management. And that future has never looked brighter, with SNS continuing to innovate cutting-edge solutions—like EVO and the EVO Suite—that provide a more efficient, collaborative, and creative workflow for media production teams.

The new EVO Suite will begin rolling out on select new EVO and MOD systems in 2024. Visit SNS at NAB booth #SL7065 or schedule an online demo today to see these workflow tools in action. 

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Stay tuned for more exciting developments as SNS continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in media production and management.