Studio Network Solutions Announces EVO, ShareBrowser, and Slingshot Updates for NAB 2019

Studio Network Solutions brings clustering, sync and replication, and deepened integrations for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X to the EVO shared storage product ecosystem.

Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a leading media technology company aimed at transforming the way video teams store, share, and organize media, today announced several upcoming releases to be showcased at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas at booth SL3305. The announcement details new advancements and integrations for EVO Nearline storage systems, ShareBrowser media management software, and Slingshot automation tools.

The announcement highlights include:

  • Clustering for EVO Nearline to help organizations manage half petabyte and larger systems with a single namespace
  • Copy, sync, and backup tasks for Slingshot to help organizations improve their backup strategy and storage management
  • ShareBrowser workflow extension for Apple® Final Cut Pro X®
  • ShareBrowser panel for Adobe® Premiere Pro® CC and Adobe® After Effects® CC
  • Customizable metadata fields for ShareBrowser

Clustering Capabilities for EVO Nearline

“As media organizations look for ways to improve cost efficiency and media availability amidst rapidly growing data requirements, Nearline storage has become a critical tiering component of storage strategies. Its low cost per terabyte, ability to provide access to assets much more quickly than tape or cloud storage, and inherent benefits for disaster recovery make it beneficial for many teams,” said Eric Newbauer, VP and CTO of Studio Network Solutions. For organizations with requirements near or above 500TB, clustering enables them to combine multiple EVO systems into a single storage namespace, which can be scaled to multiple petabytes and configured for high availability as required.

Copy, Sync, and Backup with Slingshot

Slingshot—the automation engine and API for EVO—now offers automatic, multi-system sync, copy, and backup of shares, folders, and files. This new capability enables a variety of sync possibilities, such as EVO-to-EVO, EVO-to-EVO Nearline, and EVO-to-EVO Nearline-to-Amazon S3. Replication can be run on-demand, or as scheduled incremental sync/copy jobs, with the ability to define a start time and stop time so that transfers only occur within time periods that work for the organization.

Deeper Integration with Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Final Cut Pro X

Screenshot of the ShareBrowser media asset management panel for Premiere Pro
Editors can use the ShareBrowser Panel to search, tag, comment, and access media from without leaving Adobe Premiere Pro.

In February, SNS released the ShareBrowser extension for Adobe Premiere Pro (now available on the Adobe Exchange) and announced that similar extensions for After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro X are being released. These integrations enable teams to search, preview, and import media and metadata from anywhere on their EVO storage system without ever leaving their editing application. Using ShareBrowser from a panel or workflow extension enables teams to:

  • Use a rich interface to search and preview stored media
  • Add comments and tag clips without switching applications
  • Quickly find and bring media and metadata directly into a project
  • Mount offline volumes and interact with shared storage from within their NLE

“We want to help teams stay focused on being creative,” says Matt Ratkowski, ShareBrowser Product Manager. “We’re trying to reduce the friction between storage, media management, and the creative process by giving you access to all your files and metadata right where you need them—inside your favorite editing applications.”

Customizable Metadata Fields

SNS will also be showcasing custom metadata fields for ShareBrowser, a new feature that gives teams the ability to create their own catalog of metadata fields for an even more structured and tailored workflow. Custom fields can be created to organize media by scene, take, client name, talent, director, editor, project numbers, or any other parameter. To help ensure files are tagged correctly, teams have the option to create a defined list of choices or freeform entry for any parameter.

Feature Film Editing Demos with DaVinci Resolve

During NAB, SNS will host special guest Damien LeVek, owner of the boutique production company Skubalon, which has been providing post-production services to studios for over ten years. Damien recently made his writer/directorial debut with the feature-length horror/thriller THE CLEANSING HOUR, a SKUBALON production that will be released this year. Monday through Thursday during the show, Damien will provide demonstrations of how he used EVO and ShareBrowser throughout post-production on the film. Damien’s team used a shared DaVinci Resolve database hosted on the EVO server, along with other ShareBrowser integrations to complete the online edit and finish in DaVinci Resolve 15.

Visitors to NAB 2019 can meet Studio Network Solutions for one-on-one demonstrations of EVO Shared Storage, ShareBrowser, Slingshot, and more at booth #SL3305 in South Lower Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center on April 8-11th.

Studio Network Solutions at NAB 2019

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) provides industry-leading shared storage hardware and software for media production teams. EVO Shared Storage combines highly configurable, high-performance storage with an extensive workflow toolset for post-production and broadcast workflows with Adobe® Premiere Pro CC®, Final Cut Pro X®, DaVinci Resolve®, Avid® Media Composer®, and other creative tools. Every EVO Shared Storage system includes built-in file automation tools, AI-powered metadata tagging, cloud and LTO integration, and easy-to-use media management with ShareBrowser. Systems include EVO Prodigy, EVO Prodigy Desktop, EVO 8 Bay, EVO 8 Bay Live, EVO DPX, and EVO Nearline. For more information, visit