A Tour of the ShareBrowser Workflow Extension for Final Cut Pro X

Today, we’re very excited to announce the release of the ShareBrowser workflow extension for Final Cut Pro X! It’s designed to fit natively into your workflow and make it easier than ever for your team to collaborate and manage media in a multi-user editing environment.

We’ve been busy putting the final touches on what’s sure to be a favorite feature among our crowd of FCPX fans, and our brand new extension is now available for EVO users to download in the app store. Check out the video and read below to see exactly what ShareBrowser can do for your team’s FCPX workflow.

Powerful search and preview tools

Search across dozens of camera and file metadata fields, tags, comments, or custom metadata fields tailored to your specific workflow—then preview your files using automatically generated proxies and bring them directly into your library—all without leaving Final Cut Pro X!

Automatically tag clips with AI

Use artificial intelligence to automatically tag your clips, then bring them right into your project without ever leaving Final Cut Pro.

Seamlessly integrated metadata

ShareBrowser metadata follows your files throughout your workflow and integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro X and many other creative applications. Just drag and drop files onto your timeline, and all of your tags and comments come with them.

Quickly share files with your team

Anyone on your team can use ShareBrowser as a standalone desktop or HTML5 web app to log metadata, review clips, and create media bins to share with other people on your team. Then, you can access those bins directly inside of Final Cut.

Drag and drop clips right into your timeline

Once you’ve found the perfect shot, graphic, or soundtrack, just drag and drop it into your library, or just bring an entire bin right into your timeline.

A better way to interact with your media

Our goal is to make it incredibly easy to share, manage and access your media inside and outside of Final Cut Pro X, so you never have to switch between apps, dig through dozens of folders, or search through a shelf of hard drives. Just open your project, find exactly what you’re looking for, and get to work.

Ready to improve your Final Cut Pro X workflow? Click here to see how EVO and ShareBrowser can help your FCPX team finish projects faster.

Check this article in our KB to get the ShareBrowser FCPX extension for your EVO users.