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EVO offers management consulting firm a proven way to manage production

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This global management consulting firm helps companies identify and develop strategies for securing high-value business opportunities. Because of their proven success, they have grown to become the leading business advisor on the world market with offices around the world.

As they build a client’s business they are also building complex digital video projects that can include 3 to 4 material source streams. And while current production is within a DV format, they will be switching to an HD format in the near future.


University required OS X SAN, only SNS made the grade

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This University is an established, research-intensive tertiary institution located in China. While science and engineering are the core focus, just as important are the other professional schools that have established, or are in the process of establishing, an international reputation.

The University needed to outfit their student labs with SAN software that was compatible with OS X.


Start to Finish Collaboration Key to Success at UK’s Hangman Studios

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Doing it all is quite a challenge, and at London’s Hangman Studios not only do they do it all, but they do it all with the best tools available. From creative development to production, to video and audio post-production, Hangman Studios is known for its unique music and film expertise, as well as facilities that are loaded with the technology to make it all happen.

In business for the past six years, Hangman Studios quickly created a reputation for itself in the entertainment industry, and now boasts a long and impressive client list. The facilities were designed from the ground up with the forethought and expertise of industry insiders and a deep understanding of the sharpest technologies available today. Using the best tools necessary for pre-production and directing services, shooting, offline and online editing, sound dubbing and mixing, Web graphics, grading and DVD authoring, Hangman Studios creates audio and video pieces for commercials, documentaries, film, websites and DVDs.

“Hangman produces and edits TV and Cinema commercials, documentaries, EPKs, Making Ofs, Music Videos and Idents. Hangman provides high-end motion graphics services for title sequences and special effects, professional DVD authoring and encoding for the web. Hangman Studios’ audio facility specializes in post-production, stereo and 5.1 sound design, mixing, monitoring and audiovisual synchronization. Additional audio services include programming, recording, composing and re-mixing.” –James Tonkin, Director

“We rely on our SAN one hundred percent for all of our post production work. SANmp is a stable part of our daily workflow and it is an excellent product from a company we respect greatly”

“We have considered the options of ‘file-level’ permissions offered by other manufacturers, but we believe that ‘volume-level’ is the only stable way we can allow users to work with full uncompressed 1080 HD. It is far safer to give exclusive access over a drive to an editor capturing or playing out at 100 MBps.”


For Hangman, collaboration and teamwork is everything — it’s what sets them apart from their rivals. Within the company and with external clients, Hangman operates on the notion that many heads think more creatively than one, and a close relationship between production teams, and post-production teams is key to their success. Studio Network Solutons’ SANmp became a critical part of the studio’s post-production work as it enabled their computers to concurrently share very large amounts of data over high-speed Fibre and iSCSI Storage Networks. The management software offered Hangman’s post-production artists the ability to more fully collaborate and share huge projects on a Storage Area Network. Their post-production teams are able to capture, record and edit directly onto the storage system and bump up the workflow by eliminating the need to copy files locally.

“We rely on our SAN one hundred percent for all of our post production work. SANmp is a stable part of our daily workflow and it is an excellent product from a company we respect greatly.”

At Hangman, media is shared and accessed by multiple workstations and Studio Network Solutions’ SANmp is the crucial link for governing user permissions across the different drives. The facilities have a total of three different studios, centered around Apple’s Final Cut Pro, that all run on Macintosh systems and dedicated SANs. Studio 1 is the main offline and online suite with two machines capable of HD and SD. Studio 2 is an audio room for completing sound dubs, sound design and 5.1 mixing on projects, and Studio 3 is a dedicated HD suite for finishing projects and working with clients. All three of the studios run off dedicated SANs and servers with share points so that media is accessible in any room. Often a project may start on one Mac in studio 1, then move to studio 3, then studio 2 for sound work and back to studio 1 for laying off to tape or DVD. Keeping projects and media flexible is the key to workflow so that nothing gets tied down to one particular machine or set-up.


SANmp is good news for major public relations company

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One of the world’s leading public relations agencies, with a focus on effective stakeholder communications and adopting a holistic, media-neutral approach, the company develops public relations programs that deliver value and impact.


Extreme Conditions for Volvo Ocean Race Require Extreme Storage

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The Volvo Ocean Race, the renowned continent-to-continent, offshore yacht race, attracts some of the most talented sailing crews and state-of-the-art vessels in the world. The race is no small undertaking for competing sailors or video crews that document the event.

Covering over 39,000 miles in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet, often in excess of 40 knots at times (70km/h), the event is one of the world’s premier offshore yacht races. It not only requires the utmost skill, physical endurance and competitive spirit from all of the contestants, but it also requires the most reliable and efficient technologies to document it.


WXYZ-TV Transitions to digital workflow with SAN solution from SNS

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WXYZ-TV, the number one rated news station in the Detroit area, is among the highest-rated ABC stations in the United States and the largest TV station owned by the Scripps Company. Since its inception in 1948, WXYZ has enjoyed a reputation for quality programming and news reporting as well as technical innovation. In 1998, WXYZ became one of the country’s first TV stations to go digital and last year it became the first Detroit TV station to produce and broadcast its newscasts in High Definition.

When we made the transition from our familiar and efficient tape-based linear world to an all digital Final Cut Pro-based nonlinear workflow, we needed to make sure that we could get our stories on air as fast, if not faster than before.  As a news station, we operate in a mission-critical environment, so the real challenge was to create a file-based workflow that not only retained the speed and operability of a traditional linear solution but also gave us a zero down time guarantee.
Ray Thurber, Head of Engineering, WXYZ-TV

So when the station moved from a linear to a Final Cut Pro file-based workflow for its news operations, finding an enterprise-class storage solution to support the transition was paramount. Ray Thurber, WXYZ-TV’s head of Engineering explains:

“When we made the transition from our familiar and efficient tape-based linear world to an all digital Final Cut Pro-based nonlinear workflow, we needed to make sure that we could get our stories on air as fast, if not faster than before. As a news station, we operate in a mission-critical environment, so the real challenge was to create a file-based workflow that not only retained the speed and operability of a traditional linear solution but also gave us a zero down time guarantee.”


Vivendi Games Gives Winning Score to Studio Network Solutions

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As a major, worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment, Vivendi Games works with industry-leading content partners, including Universal Music Group, NBC Universal, Twentieth Century Fox, and Paramount, and conducts business in 75 countries around the world.

“With daily deadlines in this HD Video age, a reliable storage/workspace solution was needed and SNS has provided Vivendi Games with just that. We needed all of our digital video content to be housed and accessed by all six of our in-house edit bays. Now all SAN access is in use 24/7/365 and all projects are used with the SNS system, it’s our content storage provider.”
Josh Bartos, Vivendi Games Media Department


The company’s large number of studios and publishing labels include Blizzard Entertainment, Radical Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment and Massive Entertainment, and their library contains over 700 titles and features some of the most popular brands and franchises in the game industry today. Their ever-expanding portfolio of titles and games includes World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Empire Earth, Leisure Suit Larry and F.E.A.R. to name a few. World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment, is one of the world’s most popular games with more than 6.5 million customers worldwide as of May 2006, and that label’s track record alone includes nine No. 1 selling games and multiple ‘Game of the Year’ awards.


Universal Studios Sound Streamlines Workflow with Studio Network Solutions

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Universal Studios Sound has 18 mix rooms and stages, and is located on one of the largest studio lots in the world. As a full service post production sound facility, Universal Studios Sound handles features, television, and trailers along with animation and gaming. It offers sound editorial & design, mixing, Foley, ADR and transfer plus digital mastering, preservation, restoration, and archival services. In addition to work done for Universal Pictures, Universal Studios Sound’s services are in high demand by third party productions as well.

Having multiple stages and edit suites, Universal Studios Sound required a more efficient, secure, enterprise-wide solution for its storage needs in its mix stages. Each fully digital mix stage has multiple DigiDesign Pro Tools workstations for playback and recording, as well as additional systems for video playback.

Doc Goldstein, Vice President of Post Production Engineering at Universal Studios Sound said, “Our clients are usually in a time-critical situation and so we need our workflow to be as efficient as possible to meet their requirements. In addition we take security very seriously; we want to make sure their content is as secure as we can make it. So we knew we needed to look to the future and a more robust storage solution.”


The solutions from SNS sound perfect for Beatstreet Productions

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Established in 1995, Beatstreet Productions is a full service music and audio post production facility located in New York City. Their engineers, sound designers and mixers utilize state-of-the-art production technology that includes six work stations equipped with Final Cut Studio 2 as well as Pro Tools HD and LE. Their creative approach to music and sound design brings video/film to life for companies requiring the highest production standards. Beatstreet even creates original scoring and songwriting with a team of Grammy, Emmy and Cleo award-winning composers.

The SNS products and solutions are amazing. Now we never think about storage – it’s just there. And their setup and complete service is first-class.
Joe Franco, President, Beatstreet Productions


Beatstreet’s most current projects can be found on the PBS Series “Between the Lions” and “Word World.” They are also working on a variety of new programs for Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Noggin and PBS – all to be released in 2008.

Whether creating high-profile commercials for Sears and Toyota, or providing audio post and voice over recording for HBO and ESPN, it’s not uncommon on any given day for Beatstreet to be working on multiple projects. This kind of schedule – as well as client demands and deadlines – leaves no time for downtime. This resulted in a real need and challenge to find a SAN solution that could provide centralized storage for their 6 workstations.

The optimal solution developed by Studio Network Solutions (SNS) for Beatstreet included a custom Fibre Channel A/V SAN PRO™ system. This was an ideal approach, enabling the Beatstreet staff to collaborate on large projects and easily capture, share and edit digital media over a high-throughput, low latency Fibre Channel network. The SNS solution streamlined their workflow and eliminated redundancy by giving them a shared storage system for video, the SFX library and a sample library. Plus, Beatstreet now has the security of knowing that everything is RAID 5 protected.

“The SNS products and solutions are amazing. Now we never think about storage – it’s just there. And their setup and complete service is first-class.” – Joe Franco, President, Beatstreet Productions

Making it all possible: the SNS reseller

SNS products and solutions are able to reach music and audio post productions facilities like Beatstreet because of the efforts of Tekserve. With over 175 employees, Tekserve is New York’s premiere authorized Apple reseller and service provider as well as an authorized SNS reseller.

Tekserve works closely with graphic, audio and video professionals who operate out of small studios as well as Fortune 100 companies located worldwide. With two decades of experience, they have earned a solid reputation for superior technology sales and service. In fact, they have the expertise to design, configure and support systems with hardware and software from multiple vendors. This is why they are so valuable to SNS and their customer base

“We are proud to be representing the Studio Network Solutions family of products. Their type of solution goes hand in hand with the services we provide at Tekserve. Working together with them allows us to offer the customers a streamlined solution that focuses on the needs of the individual facility.” – Chris Payne, Director of Professional Audio Sales, Tekserve

Company: Beatstreet Productions

Industry: Music and Audio Post Production

Working Environment: Pro Tools LE /HD/Final Cut Studio 2

About SNS

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) specializes in the development of shared storage hardware and software solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry. Since day one we’ve applied unmatched ingenuity and experience to create outstanding products that exceed industry expectations while providing outstanding support to our customers.

Our customers range in size from individual freelance engineers to multinational media powerhouses. Our solutions are used to produce everything from books on tape to full track scoring for major Hollywood films. Our products have been at the technical core of the music you listen to, the games you play, the shows you watch and the movies you see.

We have a valued network of resellers located throughout the United States… and the world. Whether you have a product question or you’re ready to place an order, we encourage you to contact us today.

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