A Year In Review: SNS In 2023

SNS EVO shared storage servers on premise and in the cloud with included EVO Suite workflow tools

It’s been another year for the history books, folks. We launched new products, added new features, and earned some awesome awards along the way. As we bid farewell to 2023, here’s a quick recap of what made it a year to remember.

Spotlight On Our Customers

We love seeing what our customers create with EVO! Here are some happy customers explaining their favorite parts about working with EVO.

Mirror Studios Uses EVO For Audio And Video Post-Production

“I have colleagues that still work with big banks of individual hard drives on their desks. They take copious notes on housekeeping, but it’s exhausting and anxiety-inducing. I tell them: ‘The anxiety goes away when you’re working with EVO.’

Third Beacon Studios Balances Art And Science With EVO

“EVO saves me time, and it also saves me frustration, which is more valuable than time on certain days.”

NHL Drafts EVO Cloud For An All-Star Workflow

“We needed technology for people on the move. EVO Cloud stood out amongst all others to get material to our end users quickly and across multiple locations.”

ShareBrowser media asset manager showing NHL video production
Read more about the NHL’s EVO Cloud workflow here.

EVO Cloud Taking The World By Storm

It’s raining awards! In addition to praise from happy customers, we humbly accepted two major industry awards for EVO Cloud, a cutting-edge cloud storage solution designed to revolutionize how media professionals store, manage, and collaborate on their media from anywhere. More than a remote storage bucket, EVO Cloud brings the full power of the EVO Suite to decentralized production teams working anywhere in the world. 

Here are the awards EVO Cloud earned in 2023:

On The Move With MOD

Ironically, some of our biggest news of the year was introducing our smallest server yet! 

MOD Powered by EVO is a popular choice for field artists and remote production teams, offering a powerful and versatile media storage and management solution that fits in the palm of your hand.

Weighing only seven pounds, MOD’s compact and travel-friendly form factor—paired with the media asset management (MAM), transcoding, and remote workflow tools in the EVO Suite—make for a seamless creative workflow solution in the studio, on the go, and as an edge device to the cloud for hybrid on-prem/off-prem workflows.

ShareBrowser’s New Remote Workflow

In addition to the MOD launch, SNS also announced a new version of ShareBrowser with game-changing remote workflow features seamlessly integrated into your favorite NLE applications. 

Users can now import and automatically attach proxies to source directly inside of Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro with new features in ShareBrowser’s free panel extensions for these video editing software applications.

ShareBrowser v.7 also features new shortcuts, larger media previews, and more. Watch this video to see the new ShareBrowser workflow in action.

New EVO Capacities

SNS expanded EVO’s maximum capacity for all HDD configurations and introduced massive new EVO Cluster systems. These larger systems in multiple petabyte configurations are ideal for media conglomerates, post-production facilities, houses of worship, educational institutions, and other organizations with large media storage needs. 

As always, the EVO Suite comes included for unlimited users with every EVO system, from our smallest servers to these expanded capacity configurations. 

EVO Upgrades

EVO OS v.7 upgrades have been rolling out all year long, and customers are loving the new server management experience. Here’s what some of our customers said about their experience upgrading to EVO OS v.7.

“I have an upcoming upgrade on another EVO unit, which could sometimes seem daunting, but not so with this team.” 

“Everyone involved was very responsive and knowledgeable. The upgrade went without an issue.”

“You rock it every time.” 

If you’re still working with EVO OS v.6 or earlier, see if your EVO system is eligible for an upgrade and contact us to get started with the latest and greatest user experience for your EVO.

Acceleration Station

In case that wasn’t enough, SNS sped up workflows by 2-5X this year with new plug-ins.

  • Transcode Accelerator is a new, free EVO plug-in that can speed up your team’s media transcoding processes by up to 100%.
  • VPN Accelerator for SNS Cloud VPN is now clocking speeds up to 5 times faster than remote connections without the acceleration feature.
  • NDI Plug-in was updated with a new user experience and new features, like enabling users to preview, start, and stop recording NDI streams directly from the plug-in.

Looking Ahead To 2024

As we turn the page on 2023, SNS is already gearing up for an exciting 2024. Stay tuned for more innovations set to make a significant impact on your creative workflow. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2024!

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